Education plays a huge role in helping one craft one’s future. Several times, we spot children on the street and think they should be in school. However, that thought dies down and doesn’t culminate into action, thus maintaining the status quo. You have the power to change the status quo. Contribute towards changing lives by helping children, educate them.


To enhance the socio-economic status of young, underprivileged women by empowering them with self-confidence and the required skills to enable them to become independent and contribute to family and society.


  • Provide required skills through vocational training in non-traditional areas of employment.

  • Facilitate holistic development and enhance employability by imparting life-skill training.

  • Provide the necessary resources and infrastructure to ensure the training provided is relevant and impactful.

  • Create avenues for employment by increasing awareness about AAGAZ and its programs amongst prospective employers.